Aisha Abubakr Subaira Adam

Regions: Sudan

Tags: aisha, darfur, Development, peace, sudan

Aisha Abubakr Subaira Adam
Peace and Development Office Coordinator of the Community Development Association

Aisha Abubakr Subaira Adam is the peace and development office coordinator for the Community Development Association in Sudan. Formerly a member of parliament in Darfur, Ms. Adam is a member of the leading council of Darfur Forum for Peace Dialogue and Peaceful Coexistence. She was a member of the gender expert support team and headed the power-sharing committee in the 7th round of the Darfur peace talks in Abuja, Nigeria. Ms. Adam is a graduate of Khartoum University with a degree in English. She also graduated from the Teacher Training Institute; she taught English for 16 years in the United Arab Emirates. Ms. Adam is an activist for a peaceful resolution of the crisis in Darfur and for increasing the role of women therein.

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