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Mar 21 08


Any Hub group may create a campaign page which features its selected campaign media, information, resources, events, specific online and off-line action items, and opportunities to get more involved.


The Hub features a growing portfolio of advocacy tools to help allies and users call for action. These range from petitions to creating offline events. Tell us about advocacy tools you think we should include.


How do I film safely? How do I conduct a human rights-sensitive interview? How can I distribute my video to maximum effect? A toolkit that will help you answer these and other questions is coming to the Hub soon – but that’s only part of the picture. To share your own expertise with others, click here.


In this section we’ve picked out some key sources for human rights-related information, listed by issue and region. To share resources you find useful with the Hub Community, including activist toolkits and advocacy resources, click here.

Newest Campaign

Stop Deportations to Haiti Today: Sign Online Petition

Regions: United States

Issues: Immigration , Natural disasters

Tags: deportations, Haiti

After four storms in August and September 2008 brought widespread death and destruction to Haiti, the U.S. government suspended Haitian deportations for three months. But expulsions resumed after Dec. 5, sending dozens of Haitians back to their homeland since then. In February, U.S. immigration officials announced that 30,299 Haitians were subject to immediate deportation back to Haiti. Please join us in urging President Obama to Stay deportations to Haiti.



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