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I manage the Hub project at WITNESS, and I am looking forward to seeing how the Hub community grows and takes ownership of the site...

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Kenya: Landmark Ruling on Indigenous Land Rights [UPDATED]

In a landmark ruling on February 4th, the African Union has condemned the expulsion of the Endorois

Regions: Kenya

Issues: Indigenous peoples, Minorities

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Haiti Earthquake - video and resources

We're not tracking the Haiti earthquake ourselves, but here are a few links to those who are...

Regions: Haiti

Issues: Humanitarian, Natural disasters

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Google unmuzzles itself in China

Google has received brickbats a-plenty for its stance in China, where, in order to be permitted to operate by the Chinese government, the search compa...

Regions: China, United States

Issues: Corporations and human rights, Freedom of opinion & expression

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Twitter defeats newspaper gagging order

Here's a remarkable video showing a Twitter revolt in action:

Regions: Great Britain

Issues: Corporations and human rights, Freedom of opinion & expression

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"War Crimes and The White House" - The 2001 Dasht-e-Leili Massacre

This explosive video comes hot off the press from Physicians for Human Rights, and accompanies James Risen's story in today's New York Times alleging ...

Regions: Afghanistan, United States

Issues: Armed conflict, Torture, War crimes

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HRWIFF 2009 - Festival Round-up [UPDATED with new links]

WITNESS has a proud history of participating in, supporting and even awarding prizes at film festivals, but we've never tried to cover a film festival...

Regions: Global, United States

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Xinjiang: Protests continue into third day

Xinhua is reporting that more than 150 people have died in the clashes in Urumqi since 5th July, and more than 1,000 have been injured. 

Regions: China

Issues: Discrimination

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Multimedia Reporting - Behind the scenes at a MediaStorm workshop

As part of our work at WITNESS we conduct trainings preparing advocates to be able to shoot, edit and distribute video for effective human rights advo...

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