People Living With HIV/AIDS Living in Fear of Forced Eviction

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Witnessed: 9895 times

Regions: Cambodia

Issues: HIV-AIDS, Housing, Internally displaced persons

Over 30 families living with HIV/AIDS in the "green shed" at the Borei Kila social land concession are facing the prospect of eviction.

The Borei Keila social land concession was meant to be a government sponsored land exchange whereby land was given to land developers in exchange for them building apartments for existing families living on the land.

The land concession has been ongoing for the past 5 years with the apartment allocation process rife with allegations of corruption and unfair practices.
The families living in the temporary "green shed" have been waiting for apartments to be allocated to them for the past 2 years, but they are now faced with the prospect of being evicted again to the Toul Sambo relocation site 20km outside of Phnom Penh.

At Toul Sambo there is inadeuqate housing, no clean water and is far from any markets, schools, employment opportunities and most importantly medical facilities.


UPDATE, 27 July: 100+ HIV/AIDS and human rights organizations - including WITNESS, Human Rights Watch, and the International HIV/AIDS Alliance - co-sign a letter to the Royal Government of Cambodia expressing "deep concern about the discriminatory and potentially life-threatening treatment of HIV-affected families from the Borei Keila community."  The statement says that "there has been no consideration of the impact on health of the poor living conditions at Tuol Sambo [the relocation site]"
and notes that the risk to those living with HIV can be life threathening.  The organizations are calling on the Royal Cambodian Government to cease moving HIV-affected families to Tuol Sambo; ensure full access to quaiity medical services for those families; and improve conditions at Tuol Sambo to meet minimum standards for adequate shelter, sanitation, and clean water.  Read the full statement here.

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