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Unlawfull public exhibitory on Neuss Marketplace 1993 as a profiteerer to be stoned

in 1993 I , Wendolin Weber, was publicly exhibited on the Neuss (Germnay) marketplace (seen on the pic above) and like in the Reichskristallnacht publicly setup as a "Wucherjude" (extortioner). ...

Regions: Germany

Issues: Crimes against humanity

Witnessed: 48948 times


Japan Sex Slaves

The Number of Japan Sex Slaves during WWII is estimated from 80,000 to 200,000. These women are from Korea, China, Taiwan, Filipino,Dutch, Indonesian, etc....

Regions: Japon, Venezuela

Issues: Anthropologie légale, Conflit armé, Détention

Witnessed: 48819 times


Iqbal Quadir: The power of the mobile phone to end poverty

Why does poverty still exist despite decades of development aid?...

Regions: Bangladesh, Koweït, Ouzbékistan

Issues: Anthropologie légale, Conflit armé, Détention

Witnessed: 48096 times


Witnessed: 25099 times


Cambodia and Vietnam: Sex Slaves (BBC)

Young girls in Cambodia and from Vietnam are sold in the sex slaves trade....

Regions: Cambodia, Vietnam

Issues: Child pornography, Child prostitution, Human trafficking

Witnessed: 22204 times


DJ Rekha on Using Pop Culture to Discuss Human Rights

Reknowned bhangra DJ Rekha discusses her work with, an organization that uses media, education and pop culture to promote the values of dignity equality and justice.

Regions: Global

Issues: Immigration

Witnessed: 22037 times


The Killing of Yawan Wayeni

On August 3, 2009, Yawen Wayeni of Matembu village, Serui, in the Indonesian province of Papua, was captured by Indonesian paramililtary police (BRIMOB)....

Regions: Indonesia

Issues: Police brutality

Witnessed: 21021 times