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Slavery 101 - A Look at Modern Slavery in the World

This 12 minute video is a powerful, succinct introduction to modern day slavery. Slaves from around the world share their stories and ultimately inspire us to end slavery.

Regions: Global

Issues: Child labor, Human trafficking, Slavery & forced labor

Witnessed: 9458 times


Chinese Local Government Property Deprivation

Tengzhou City, Shandong Province of China....

Issues: Housing

Witnessed: 4353 times


AJIZ - Union Of Development Concern

a welfare foundation by students and professionals to serve humanity............

Regions: Global

Issues: Children's rights, Discrimination, Health

Witnessed: 3783 times


Beijing Olympics 2008

The Chinese government has a chance to show the world that it is worthy of hosting the 2008 Summer games. But with the games opening soon, a crackdown in Tibet is taking place....

Regions: China

Issues: Detention, Forced disappearances, Torture

Witnessed: 4911 times


Sex Worker Rights in Cambodia: Caught Between the Tiger and the Crocodile

In Cambodia, the 100% Condom Use Policy - created to "protect" sex workers and curb HIV/AIDS - is reportedly being used by local police as an instrument to harass, persecute, and criminalize sex worke...

Regions: Asia, Cambodia

Issues: HIV-AIDS, Police brutality, Sexual rights

Witnessed: 11677 times


Witnessed: 9091 times


Downturn adds to burden of Myanmar survivors - 06 May 09

One year after Cyclone Nargis tore through Myanmar's Irrawaddy delta, farmers are still struggling to overcome the devastation left by the storm. ...

Regions: Myanmar

Issues: Environment, Housing, Poverty

Witnessed: 3174 times