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The Hub is no longer accepting new content. The site has shifted to an archive of human rights related media that was uploaded by subscribers between 2007-2010. WITNESS does not vouch for the veracity, accuracy or authenticity of any content uploaded on to the Hub. 

To learn more about this transition and about WITNESS' new strategic vision please read this blog post by our Executive Director Yvette Alberdingk Thijm. To contact WITNESS regarding these changes please email us at

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Pablo Fajardo - ELAW Interview Series (Part 1 of 2)

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Watch Part 2 of this interview

Pablo Fajardo Mendoza is the lead attorney representing 30,000 indigenous people from the Ecuadorean Amazon in a landmark $27 billion lawsuit against Chevron-Texaco.  According to the plaintiffs, the oil giant dumped more than 18 billion gallons of toxic wastewater into the rainforest since it began operating in the region in 1964, resulting in one of the worst environmental and humanitarian disasters in history.

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Digital Media and Iran's Green Movement: A Look Back with Cameran Ashraf

December 7 was Student Day in Iran, a day when students traditionally commemorate the deaths of three Iranian students who were protesting the Shah in 1953. This year, the Student Day protests were especially poignant because they demonstrated that Iran's Green Movement is still very much alive. And, like the post-election protests in June, news about the demonstrations was delivered to the world via tools like Twitter and YouTube. suite

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Students For A Free Tibet India

Students for a Free Tibet, India (SFT India) is the India National Network of Students for a Free Tibet International, which has over 650 chapters in more than 35 countries....


We are Elder Abuse Victim's Advocates - Our Elderly and Vulnerable Citizens are falling victim to abuse and financial exploitation and the systems set up to protect them are not working....

Teachers 4 Justice Now

Through the use of mass media we inform the public about the Civil and Human Right violations presently being perpetuated in NYC's Rubber Rooms; the 13 temporary reassignment centers maintained by t...