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Regions: India

Issues: Labor

Tags: Chintan, dehli, Environment, wastepickers, wasterecyclers

On 14 November in New York City, the 8th Annual Mahindra Indo-American Arts Council (MIAAC) Film Festival will screen Counterbalance, the co-production between WITNESS and our partner in Delhi, Chintan. After the screening of Counterbalance and two other films (see below), I will join Professor Lauhona Ganguly from the New School and film maker Sunil Gupta on a panel about Video for Change in India.

Visit Quad Cinema for tickets -- $15 general admission, $12 students and IAAC members.

Just a few days later, Counterbalance will also be shown to activists by Chintan at the 6th Zero Waste International Dialogue from November 18 to 20 in the Philippines.


Directed by Chintan/WITNESS
US/India, 2009, 15 min. US Premiere

Every day, tens of thousands of waste pickers and waste recyclers in Delhi earn their income from collecting, selling and recycling trash. Their work, measured to be highly efficient, has not only been undervalued but even marginalized with the introduction of large private companies. This is the story of two municipalities in Delhi: one that has incorporated the work of the waste recyclers as part of the formal waste system, while the other has taken another direction.

Chintan, a non-profit organization in Delhi, was trained by WITNESS to use video for its advocacy work. Ryan Schlief, Asia Coordinator, WITNESS, in person.


Directed by Dave Thoudam.
India, 2009, 15 min. US Premiere.
A glimpse into the intimate lives of three people and their families in Manipur who kicked their drug addictions under the Drug Substitution Therapy Project of the Emmanuel Hospital Association.


Directed by Sunil Gupta
India, 2009, 39 min. Festival Premiere.
In visual artist and photographer Sunil Gupta’s documentary film, conversations with people living with HIV across India, and from a wide range of professions and social classes, are woven into a composite portrait, making a powerful plea for HIV Patient’s Rights. The film was commissioned by the Human Rights Law Network, New Delhi. Sunil Gupta in person.


After the screenings please join us for a panel discussion presented by WITNESS on how video and media can be used to promote social change in India. Professor Lauhona Ganguly from the Media Studies Department at the New School will moderate the panel.


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