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The Video Journalism Movement is an ongoing collaboration between a global network of freelance professional video journalists, editorial cartoonists, and the public.

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Underage, illegal, and stranded in Calais

Human trafficking and illegal aliens in Calais, France.

Regions: France

Issues: Human trafficking, Refugees

Witnessed: 2957 times


Women's rights in Kenya

A victim of post-election violence in Kenya explains what happened to her and discusses her situation.

Regions: Kenya

Issues: Rape and sexual abuse, Violence against women, Women's rights

Witnessed: 5237 times


Gay rights in Lebanon

The difficulties of addressing rising HIV rates whilst homosexuality remains illegal.

Regions: Lebanon


Witnessed: 3306 times


Mental health in Afghanistan

A look at some of the options available for the mentally ill in Afghanistan.

Regions: Afghanistan

Issues: Mental disability rights

Witnessed: 1876 times


A human zoo? Chinese all-dwarf themepark

A look at how 'little people' are treated in China reveals some startling differences to the west.

Regions: China

Issues: Physical disability

Witnessed: 3678 times


Ethiopia: Akaki river runs red, blue, sometimes yellow Industrial pollution exasperates water crisis in Ethiopia.

Regions: Ethiopia

Issues: Environment

Witnessed: 2587 times