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My Brightest Diamond On Our Darkest Trash Problem

Brooklyn songstress Shara Worden, aka My Brightest Diamond, discusses the global environmental and humanitarian problems created by the United States shipping its trash overseas.

Regions: Global, Nicaragua, United States

Issues: Poverty, Sanitation, Sustainable development

Witnessed: 3109 times


Jen Chapin on World Hunger Year

Brooklyn singer Jen Chapin discusses the mission of World Hunger Year (WHY), an organization founded by her father Harry Chapin in 1975 to explore solutions for poverty and hunger on a local, grassroo...

Regions: Global, United States

Issues: Food & health & development, Poverty, Sustainable development

Witnessed: 3011 times


Jack Savoretti: A Moment Can Alter Life

UK singer-songwriter Jack Savoretti discusses a two-week UNICEF sponsored trip to Romania and how it changed the way he looked at the world.

Regions: Romania

Issues: Children's rights, Housing, Poverty

Witnessed: 2848 times


Nellie McKay Urges Eaters to Look Beyond the Mirror

New York singer-songwriter Nellie McKay makes a compelling case for a vegetarian lifestyle, citing both global warming and the treatment of workers at factory farms as reasons to make the switch.

Regions: Global, United States

Issues: Corporations and human rights, Environment, Food & health & development

Witnessed: 2782 times


Dallas Green of City and Colour on the Responsibility of Being an Artist

Canadian singer-songwriter Dallas Green of City and Colour discusses his involvement with the charity Skate 4 Cancer and the responsibility of artists to use their names to help bring attention to cau...

Regions: Canada

Issues: Health

Witnessed: 3379 times


DJ Rekha on Using Pop Culture to Discuss Human Rights

Reknowned bhangra DJ Rekha discusses her work with, an organization that uses media, education and pop culture to promote the values of dignity equality and justice.

Regions: Global

Issues: Immigration

Witnessed: 22189 times


The Kin discuss

Australian rockers The Kin discuss their work with a program called "Thirst Things First" run by, a group dedicated to bringing safe, clean drinking water to people in need....

Regions: Global

Issues: Food & health & development, Sanitation, Water

Witnessed: 2706 times


Amy Ray of the Indigo Girls on Gay Marriage

Amy Ray of the Indigo Girls discusses the disconnect between Americans' tolerance of homosexuality and their refusal to grant gay couples the right to marry.

Regions: United States

Issues: Discrimination, LGBTQ

Witnessed: 4430 times


Crooked Fingers on the Economics of Third World Exploitation

Eric Bachmann of indie rock band Crooked Fingers points the finger at American ignorance of how exploitation of the third world supports our high standard of living

Regions: Global

Issues: Corporations and human rights, Poverty

Witnessed: 3080 times


Raine Maida on War Child International

Canadian singer-songwriter Raine Maida discusses his support for War Child International, a group that works to help children affected by armed conflict

Regions: Global

Issues: Armed conflict, Children's rights

Witnessed: 3310 times