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I'm Tina and I look after the technical aspects of the Hub. If you run into any bugs or have some great ideas for features you would like to see included, just drop me a line! We can always use the help.

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Is White House policy fueling civil war?

Pepe Escobar: Sheik Abu Risha fought al Qaeda for his own reasons (1 of 2) ...

Regions: Iraq

Issues: Armed conflict

Witnessed: 6529 times


Is Iran a threat?

Eric Margolis [contributing editor for The American Conservative and Sun Media]discusses his opinion that there is no real threat of any nuclear attacks against the US from Iran.

Regions: Afghanistan

Issues: Arbitrary arrest

Witnessed: 6858 times


Pakistan: America's next military battleground?

An interview with Aijaz Ahmad [a Senior News Analyst] discusses the increase fighting and deaths in Pakistan due to America's war against Iraq.

Regions: Iraq, Pakistan, United States

Issues: Transitional justice

Witnessed: 9887 times


The Real News

The Real News will investigate, report and debate stories that help us understand the critical issues of our time. ...

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Witnessed: 1922 times


CMC Global Day of Action on Cluster Munitions

CMC Global Day of Action on Cluster Munitions. ...

Issues: Landmines & unexploded ordnances


International Labour Standards Reporting: child labour conventions (C.138 and C.182)

his course is intended for officers from relevant ministries, in charge of actions to eliminate child labour, in particular, from the Ministry of Labour but also from Ministries of Education, Social A...

Issues: Child labor


5th Annual Winter Course on Forced Migration

The Winter Course on Forced Migration is an outcome of the ongoing and past work by the CRG, and other collaborating groups, institutions, scholars, and human rights and humanitarian activists in the ...

Regions: India

Issues: Housing, Internally displaced persons, Refugees


World Food Day

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations celebrates World Food Day each year on 16 October, the day on which the Organization was founded in 1945....

Issues: Food & health & development