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Community Testimonies: Hilda Lainez Velasquez from Honduras

Hilda Lainez Velasquez talks about the impacts on agriculture and health of mining activities by Canadian corporation Goldcorp Inc.


Regions: Honduras

Issues: Corporations and human rights, Environment, Food & health & development

Witnessed: 2683 times


Witness Benefit Dinner

Peter Gabriel, CNN's Christiane Amanpour, and Susan Sarandon co-hosted the 5th annual benefit dinner and concert for WITNESS....

Regions: Global

Issues: Human rights defenders

Witnessed: 2130 times


Video Spotlight: In Silence, Maternal Mortality in India

**This post is part of an ongoing series that showcases users and videos from the Hub**  

Regions: India

Blog entry

Bah Sisters - IRC Voices

With their courageous mother, the Bah sisters traveled from their native Guinea to Senegal and ultimately to the US seeking safety....

Regions: Guinea, Senegal

Issues: Internally displaced persons, Refugees

Witnessed: 2235 times


Turning Information into Action: 10 Tactics Coming Up

COMING SOON: A project from Tactical Tech, which includes 35 interviews with human rights advocates from around the world and features 10 tactics for turning information into action.

Regions: Global

Issues: Freedom of opinion & expression

Witnessed: 3017 times


Video Spotlight: Stories That Kill

**This post is part of an ongoing series that showcases users and videos from the Hub** __ ...

Regions: Colombia

Issues: Corruption, Freedom of opinion & expression

Blog entry

Community Testimony: Nigeria - Gas Flaring

Meet Tina and Ifie from Bayelsa. "The oil you are using comes from our area. it should be making Nigeria rich but if you come to the Niger Delta you cannot see any of that." ...

Regions: Nigeria

Issues: Corporations and human rights, Environment

Witnessed: 2208 times