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About International Budget Partnership

The International Budget Partnership (IBP) was formed within the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities to collaborate with civil society organizations in developing countries to analyze, monitor, and influence government budget processes, institutions, and outcomes. The aim of the Partnership is to make budget systems more responsive to the needs of poor and low-income people in society and, accordingly, to make these systems more transparent and accountable to the public.

In order to achieve its mission, the IBP undertakes programs and activities in five major areas:

1. Providing training and technical assistance

2. Measuring and advancing transparency and participation in the budget process

3. Providing financial assistance for civil society budget work

4. Acting as a hub of information on civil society budget work

5. Building international and regional budget networks

In undertaking all of its activities, the IBP works to develop partnerships with local civil society organizations in a broad range of developing and transition countries. Only ten years ago, civil society was effectively shut out of the budget process around the world. Today, the IBP is active with its partners in promoting budget accountability and civil society engagement in over 85 countries.

The work of the IBP and its partners has shown that broader citizen engagement in public budgeting can promote substantive improvements in governance and reductions in poverty.

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