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I am an animation film maker, who thinks he will create a change,

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Yemen: Selective or Equal Justice ?

The family of the late Masha bin Yaish. Press conference held by HOOD in the Capital of Yemen Sanna'a Monday 02 February 2009 , ...

Regions: Yemen

Issues: Racial discrimination, Religion

Witnessed: 3382 times


Yemen: The story of imprisoned journalist Abdulkarim al-Khaiwani - part 2

Renowned journalist Abdulkarim al-Khaiwani is one of Yemen's most prominent democracy advocates - for which he has paid a steep price....

Regions: Yemen

Issues: Freedom of opinion & expression, Independence of the judiciary

Witnessed: 4249 times


Abdulkarim El-Khaiwani, Yemeni Journalist, in jail for 6 years

UPDATE: El-Khaiwani is released from prison after a presidential pardon. Read here to learn more.


Regions: Yemen

Issues: Freedom of opinion & expression

Witnessed: 10882 times



SAF Background ...

Regions: Yemen

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