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Founded The Order of Earth, Colorado Non Profit May 2002, non denominational, non sectarian, non governmental and non partisan organization dedicated to sustainability in the 21st century and bringing forth a platform for elder wisdom. First project is Maka Si Tomni: Bringing Forth a Thriving Lakota Language & Culture. The Lakota People are a 1st nation people who have suffered injustice, genocide and deplorable human rights violations. The Lakota Paradigm is constituted by an oral language where life is a mystery, the family and social relations is the altar of existence, and there is legitimacy-in-coexistence with rocks, stars, plants and animals. A spirituality that is based in natural law and virtues in action. Currently planning the largest gathering of 1st nation peoples at Little Big Horn National Monument in Montana USA on June 25th 2008. Please get involved support Maka Si Tomni organizational efforts. A free "Lakota Ride Again" DVD is available to educators who desire to explore the "Lakota Paradigm" in a classroom setting.

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Maka Si Tomni (Lakota Surrounding the Universe)

The Lakota People have formed Maka Si Tomni (Surrounding the Universe) and it’s mission is to “Bring Forth a Thriving Lakota Language & Culture.” Maka Si Tomni is committed to designing a cultur...

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