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About Pulitzer Center

The Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting, established in 2006, is a leader in sponsoring the independent reporting that media organizations are increasingly less willing to undertake on their own. The Center's goal is to raise the standard of coverage of global affairs, and to do so in a way that engages both the broad public and government policy-makers.

The Pulitzer Center is a bold initiative, in keeping with its sponsorship by a family whose name for more than a century has been a watchword for journalistic integrity and courage. From Teapot Dome through the civil rights struggle, Vietnam and the run-up to Iraq, the Pulitzers have stood for a "drastically independent" journalism that would "never be satisfied with merely printing news."

When the third Joseph Pulitzer became editor of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch a half century ago, he paid tribute to that legacy. "Not only will we report the day's news," he said, "but we will illuminate dark places and, with a deep sense of responsibility, interpret these troubled times." The Pulitzer Center is driven by that same mission and deep sense of responsibility, in times just as troubled.

The Pulitzer Center functions as an independent division of the World Security Institute, itself a leader in the sponsorship of independent journalism and scholarship. The Center will partner with the Institute's other divisions, especially in television production and Internet publications, both to identify potential reporting topics and to insure global distribution of the projects that result.

At a time of dwindling audience for traditional news sources, the Pulitzer Center engages the public across as many mediums and at as many levels as possible – from print and broadcast outlets to face-to-face community discussion and Internet technology. A special focus is our rapidly expanding Global Gateway, an education initiative that brings Pulitzer Center reporting projects and journalists into high school classes and to university campuses.

The Center welcomes proposals for enterprising reporting projects throughout the world, with an emphasis on issues that have gone unreported, under-reported or mis-reported in the mainstream American media.

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Pulitzer Center's recent content

Disappearing in Sri Lanka's East

Disappearing in Sri Lanka's East: Maura R. O'Connor describes how even in peacetime, the Eastern Province is a place where abductions are an everyday occurrence. ...

Regions: Sri Lanka

Issues: Forced disappearances

Witnessed: 2002 times


The US Detention System in Iraq

Hundreds of thousands of Iraqis have been detained by the US, one and a half million have had an immediate family-member detained, almost every Iraqi knows someone who has been through the US detentio...

Regions: Iraq

Issues: Arbitrary arrest, Detention, Juvenile justice

Witnessed: 2494 times


Darfur: Broken Promises

More than a year ago, the United Nations mandated a peacekeeping force for the violence-torn Darfur region of Sudan....

Regions: Sudan

Issues: Internally displaced persons, Refugees, War crimes

Witnessed: 2165 times


Rape as a weapon of war in DR Congo

War has raged through the Democratic Republic of Congo for more than a decade — it has been called the deadliest conflict since World War II. ...

Regions: Congo

Issues: Rape and sexual abuse, Violence against women, War crimes

Witnessed: 2239 times


Olga's girls: Indentured servitude in Nepal

For over twenty years, Olga Murray of Sausalito, Calif., has dedicated her life to helping the children of Nepal, providing them with educations, meals, and health care they would otherwise never be a...

Regions: Nepal

Issues: Child labor, Rape and sexual abuse, Slavery & forced labor

Witnessed: 3476 times


Ecuador: The New Law of the Jungle

Pulitzer Center's Kelly Hearn is in Ecuador covering what has been dubbed Ecuador's Rainforest Chernobyl and it could turn out to be one of the biggest legal environmental battles ever fought....

Regions: Bolivia

Issues: Environment, Indigenous peoples, Labor

Witnessed: 4120 times


Bolivia's Coca Culture

The coca plant, used in indigenous cultural rituals and traditional medicines, is also the main ingredient for cocaine....

Regions: Bolivia

Issues: Drugs & human rights, Indigenous peoples, Poverty

Witnessed: 3696 times


Price of Rice

The price of rice has doubled in the past year in Asia giving rise to what some have coined "the Asian Food Crisis." A grassroots NGO in Vietnam is responding, by propagating sustainable agricultural ...

Regions: Vietnam

Issues: Environment, Food & health & development, Sustainable development

Witnessed: 3237 times


No Refuge in Georgia

As the recent war between Russia and Georgia shows, the aftershocks of the collapse of the Soviet Union are still being felt today....

Regions: Georgia, Russia

Issues: Armed conflict, Refugees

Witnessed: 3108 times