The Killing of Yawan Wayeni

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Witnessed: 21469 times

Regions: Indonesia

Issues: Police brutality

Tags: BRIMOB, HAM, indonesia, OPM, papua, police brutality human rights racial discrimination, TNI, TPN, West Papua

This video contains graphic footage of human rights abuses

On August 3, 2009, Yawen Wayeni of Matembu village, Serui, in the Indonesian province of Papua, was captured by Indonesian paramililtary police (BRIMOB). Wayeni was an escaped political prisoner who had been accused of burning police vehicles and buildings. At the time of his arrest, local NGO sources claim Wayeni was unarmed and not politically active. These same sources maintain that during interrogation into the whereabouts of local pro-independence guerillas (OPM/TPN), BRIMOB officers sliced Wayeni's abdomen open with a bayonet, causing his death. BRIMOB maintains that Wayeni's injuries came while he was resisting arrest with a homemade firearm. The following photos and video of the incident were taken by BRIMOB officers and leaked by unknown sources.
The Indonesian government rejects allegations of state violence in Papua, but as long as restrictions on international media and NGO access to Indonesian Papua – tight and growing tighter – remain in place, no independent verification of the facts will be possible, and actions of security forces will continue to be questioned.
If the situation in Indonesian Papua disturbs you, please contact your elected representatives. US citizens please ask your Congressman to support H Res 1355.
Please be advised that the following footage is graphic and could be distressing to some viewers.

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What does this video really mean?

Whether Yaweni is guilty or not or whether he was injured while resisting arrest really is a matter for investigation. What is shocking is that the Indonesian security forces continue to demand a human rights and journalist ban on Papua. Until it is lifted the Indonesian government will be always on the backfoot trying to justify its actions inside Papua.

West Papua is a COLONY entitled to United Nations protection

West Papua is a victim of subordination to the foreign power of Jakarta which does not share or respect the Melanesian geographic, ethnic or cultural values of West Papua. Indonesia has been exploiting Papua's gold and copper since 1967, and is detroying Papuan life and forests. Self-determination is a legal right promised by our governments in UN resolution 1514.

The killing of Yawan Wayeni

Everyone should read the books of SABINE KUEGLER :
Daughter of the jungle and
Back to the jungle
She writes about this problem in her books, but cannot go to Papua because of the Indonesian government.
Where are the people of the VN, who are responsible for this???????


"Freedom for the peoples! Papua ... Freedom!" Reformism! Stop torturing in detention, with electric shocks, beatings and cigarette burns. Please Stop!

Indonesia Brutality

We saw this for years with East Timor and now the world is seeing the evil brutal occupation of Papua. Muslims only cry about occupation when it is Palestine or Iraq. Where is the fairness from them?

I am without words... shame

I am without words... shame on the government of Indonesia and the military!
They will respond to God for all violence.

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