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Witnessed: 5101 times

Regions: Pakistan

Issues: Violence against women

Tags: honor killings, inequality, murder, women and girls

This video contains graphic footage of human rights abuses

KARO-KARI sihahkari in Urdu or BLACK RITUAL in English’ Karo Kari has been literally defined as “black male” and “black female,” metaphoric terms for adulterer and adulteress. Karo Kari is not strictly speaking an honour killing.

When a female be blamed with a male either having loving relationship/friendship or when someone eye witnessed them while mating, in a phrase having illegal relationships of male to a female or female to a male within their caste, creed, community or either out of their community or caste.

Most of the females got killed innocently due to their males enmity with other tribes, caste, community or some times within families due to many awesome reasons of their male egos!

Precise figures are hard to obtain, especially for the more remote rural and tribal areas; but Pakistan is thought to hold the world record in honour crimes.

During last decade or so thousands of case registered on Karo-Kari killing legitimate or unlegitimate according to Law Enforcement agency Police!

Many NGOs locally, regionally and internationally striving motivate social actors inside communities!
Masses in Pakistan either controlled by religious heads or by Tribal/heads of communities the conspiracy is that families of tribal heads prefer to live in metropolitan or cosmopolitan cities of world but when they come to their settlements/areas they banned their females to boundaries and Pardah/Hijab/Veil system even while travelling too. The case is same to religious heads. Both authorities in the name of religion/clan community order misleading the masses.
They aren’t in favor of welfare; Education or community based uplift of vast masses living under the dark shadows of Ignorance.

Our [Muslim] Holy Book Quran Kareem do tell us for equal opportunities for women and equal status to men without any distinction of color or creed. Karo Kari does not fall into one of these categories, so regardless of whether we belong to the system or not, we have a God-given duty to pass judgment on it as being evil.

Every Muslim should hate this murderous cultural practice and strive to see it eliminated because it runs contrary to Islam.
Due to these both factors, all struggle to get all vast masses communities onboard to basic Human Rights or equal rights for women, motivation goes into dumps of ignorance and illiteracy!
Hence sometimes all powerful denial forces come onboard but in absence they preach against the role NGOs as vulgar bodies against Islam and their tribal system reason is that their so called dominance should prevail.

Karo Kari is the maddest form of human madness & violation of the code of “decent behavior”.


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