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Bound by Promises: Contemporary Slavery in Rural Brazil

This video addresses many aspects of contemporary slave labor in rural Brazil, through the testimonies of several workers and their families.

Regions: Brazil, South America

Issues: Labor, Slavery & forced labor

Witnessed: 17999 times


The Petitioners

Photographs of a petition, one of hundreds of thousands, by people from all over China who have come to Beijing seeking justice for crimes resulting from unchecked corruption outside the capital. ...

Regions: China

Issues: Police brutality, Rape and sexual abuse, Torture

Witnessed: 17961 times


Outlawed: Extraordinary Rendition, Torture and Disappearances in the 'War on Terror' (Excerpts)

Human rights groups and several public inquiries in Europe have found the U.S....

Regions: Afghanistan, Pakistan, United States

Issues: Torture

Witnessed: 17902 times


Witnessed: 17787 times


Operation Fine Girl: Rape Used as a Weapon of War in Sierra Leone

Date: 2001 Produced by: WITNESS / Oxygen Media LLC / Lilibet Foster WITNESS Partner: Binta Mansaray Duration: 13:23

Regions: Sierra Leone

Issues: Rape and sexual abuse

Witnessed: 17557 times


Prisoners in Freedom City (2/3)

"Prisoners in Freedom City" is a documentary from Beijing residents and blogging activists Hu Jia and Zeng Jinyan....

Regions: China

Issues: Arbitrary arrest, Freedom of opinion & expression

Witnessed: 17381 times


Exploiting West Papua

About the documentary: A documentary looking at corporate abuses by Western multi-national corporations in West Papua.Produced and Directed by Kurt Diegert.


Regions: Koweït

Issues: Anthropologie légale, Conflit armé, Discrimination

Witnessed: 17373 times


Witnessed: 17158 times


Equal Access: Integrated Education for Romani Children in Bulgaria (Excerpts)

Background: At an estimated 10 million people, Roma are the largest, yet most discriminated-against minority in Europe....

Regions: Bulgaria

Issues: Minorities

Witnessed: 17098 times