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Forced Labor in China (Graphic)

Two policemen handcuffed this woman to a heating pipe and shocked her with three electric batons continuously for seven hours, burning her face to a crisp. This photo was taken 10 days later.

Regions: China

Issues: Slavery & forced labor, Torture, Violence against women

Witnessed: 21391 times


The Killing of Yawan Wayeni

On August 3, 2009, Yawen Wayeni of Matembu village, Serui, in the Indonesian province of Papua, was captured by Indonesian paramililtary police (BRIMOB)....

Regions: Indonesia

Issues: Police brutality

Witnessed: 21294 times


Prisoners in Freedom City (1/3)

"Prisoners in Freedom City" is a documentary from Beijing residents and blogging activists Hu Jia and Zeng Jinyan....

Regions: China

Issues: Arbitrary arrest, Freedom of opinion & expression

Witnessed: 21226 times


Armed police arrived at school and inspected dorms

Video clips of the two thousand-strong team of police and soldiers arriving at the school, moving in, inspecting dorms, chasing students and attacking them.

Regions: China

Issues: Arbitrary arrest, Police brutality, Torture

Witnessed: 20301 times


Lumo's Story: Sexual Violence in the Congo

Lumo Sinai was just over 20 when marauding soldiers attacked her in the eastern Congo....

Regions: Congo, Democratic Republic of the

Issues: Rape and sexual abuse, Sexual exploitation, Violence against women

Witnessed: 19278 times


Witnessed: 18254 times


Narasimha, a 30-year-old HIV+ auto-rickshaw driver, wonders

Narasimha, a 30-year-old rickshaw driver in Hyderabad, found out he was HIV+ five years ago when he contracted TB. He admits that he visited commercial sex workers a number of times....

Regions: India

Issues: HIV-AIDS

Witnessed: 18083 times