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US UPR Day 1

Summary Report from Geneva on Day 1 of the Universal Periodic Review of the United States

Regions: United States

Issues: Discrimination, Housing, Human rights defenders

Witnessed: 10360 times


Campesinos Ecologistas - El Documental

El 2 de mayo de 1999 fueron detenidos por militares Rodolfo Montiel y Teodoro Cabrera....

Regions: Mexico

Issues: Environment, Human rights defenders, Police brutality

Witnessed: 5248 times


Focus on Iran: Detainment and conviction

Iran recently announced that Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani would not be put to death by stoning. But the fate of the Iranian woman accused of adultery remains uncertain. ...

Regions: Iran

Issues: Human rights defenders, Prisons

Witnessed: 2723 times


KIDNAPPED IN IRAQ - Free the US Hostages

Free the Hostages is an appeal to the US & Iranian governments to free the US 3 hostages held in Evin Prison since 2009....

Regions: Iran

Issues: Crimes against humanity, Human rights defenders

Witnessed: 2754 times


Military Tribunals in Egypt - Khairat Al-Shatar

Interview with Zahra Khairat Al-Shatar in May 2010. She is the daughter of Khairat Al-Shatar, arbitrarily detained in Egypt and one of the many Egyptian civilians to be tried in a military tribunal.

Regions: Egypt

Issues: Arbitrary arrest, Detention, Human rights defenders

Witnessed: 2834 times


The Real Hikers - Last Night In Syria

On July 31st 2009 3 US Graduates, Sarah Shourd, Shane Bauer & Josh Fattal were on holiday in Iraqi Kurdistan when they were detained by Iranian Border guards.Iran claimed that they had hiked acr...

Regions: Iran, Syria, United States

Issues: Detention, Human rights defenders, Justice

Witnessed: 2881 times


The 3 US Hikers in Iran - Free Me: Searching for the truth

In July 2009, 3 US holidaymakers were captured by Iranian border guards whilst they were on a hiking trip in Iraqi Kurdistan.

Regions: Iran, Sudan, Syria

Issues: Human rights defenders, Justice, Prisons

Witnessed: 3049 times


Human Rights Violation At The University Of Law Morocco, Méknes

We Students Of The University Of Law Decided To Boycot The Exam Of The 13 January 2010 - 13 Yes Unlucky Number = Maybe Was The Cause Of Violent Police Acts Without Any reasons .We Were Forced To Pass ...

Regions: Morocco

Issues: Arbitrary arrest, Corporations and human rights, Corruption

Witnessed: 3127 times


Villagers Unit to Release Community Representatives in Land Dispute

2,000 hectares of land belonging to more than 300 villagers in 10 villages was confiscated on 23 September 2009 by Okhna Ly Yong Phat, a Senator from the ruling Cambodian People’s Party, for use as ...

Regions: Cambodia

Issues: Arbitrary arrest, Detention, Human rights defenders

Witnessed: 3297 times


Reflecting on International Women's Day

In WITNESS' history we have partnered with women around the world. This is a thank you to all the women who are our partners in change.

Regions: Global

Issues: Human rights defenders, Women's rights

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