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KIDNAPPED IN IRAQ - Free the US Hostages

Free the Hostages is an appeal to the US & Iranian governments to free the US 3 hostages held in Evin Prison since 2009....

Regions: Iran

Issues: Crimes against humanity, Human rights defenders

Witnessed: 2718 times


When We Are Well We Get Back To Work

Made for CHINTAN Environmental Research and Action Group in 2008, it is a film that documents the public health concerns of waste/sanitation workers in New Delhi, India.

Regions: India

Issues: Environment, Sanitation

Witnessed: 2479 times


Military Tribunals in Egypt - Khairat Al-Shatar

Interview with Zahra Khairat Al-Shatar in May 2010. She is the daughter of Khairat Al-Shatar, arbitrarily detained in Egypt and one of the many Egyptian civilians to be tried in a military tribunal.

Regions: Egypt

Issues: Arbitrary arrest, Detention, Human rights defenders

Witnessed: 2807 times


Combat Vet Says Gender Bias Led To Untreated PTSD - Audio Only

NPR profile on servicewomen's experiences with seeking treatment for PTSD.

Regions: United States

Issues: Armed conflict, Discrimination, Women's rights

Witnessed: 2376 times


The Real Hikers - Last Night In Syria

On July 31st 2009 3 US Graduates, Sarah Shourd, Shane Bauer & Josh Fattal were on holiday in Iraqi Kurdistan when they were detained by Iranian Border guards.Iran claimed that they had hiked acr...

Regions: Iran, Syria, United States

Issues: Detention, Human rights defenders, Justice

Witnessed: 2847 times


Lutheran Church denies HIV-patients human right to treatment!

Watch the interview with Jackson Mbogela, former executive officer of PIUMA (, to get more backround information on the embezzlements of governemental funds and church donat...

Regions: Tanzania, United Republic of

Issues: Corruption, Freedom of opinion & expression, HIV-AIDS

Witnessed: 3730 times


Searching for Loved Ones in Tivoli Gardens

In the aftermath of a crackdown by Jamaican security forces in West Kingston in May, 2010, residents carry photographs of their loved ones to the Tivoli Gardens Community Center to identify the dead.

Regions: Jamaica

Issues: Impunity, Mass killings, Police brutality

Witnessed: 2785 times


The 3 US Hikers in Iran - Free Me: Searching for the truth

In July 2009, 3 US holidaymakers were captured by Iranian border guards whilst they were on a hiking trip in Iraqi Kurdistan.

Regions: Iran, Sudan, Syria

Issues: Human rights defenders, Justice, Prisons

Witnessed: 3020 times


Voices of Honor: Anuradha Bhagwati

Speaking as part of the Voices of Honor tour to build support for the repeal of the Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy, Anuradha Bhagwati - a former Marine officer and executive director of Service Womens A...

Regions: United States

Issues: Discrimination, LGBTQ, Sexual rights

Witnessed: 2248 times