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Amazon: in the hands of a few

Farmers and politicians of the Brazilian municipality of Juína (Mato Grosso state) hinders Greenpeace activists, OPAN (Native Amazon Operation) members and european journalists's visit to the Enawene...

Regions: Brazil

Issues: Indigenous peoples

Witnessed: 8366 times


SKID ROW - Photos from the street

These photos were taken by Alfredo Falvo, an Italian photographer, who captured the raw humanity of Skid Row in Los Angeles

Regions: United States

Issues: Housing, Poverty, Shelter

Witnessed: 14256 times


Razing NY: The Disappearance of Affordable Housing

Razing NY: the Disappearance of Affordable Housing investigates patterns of gentrification throughout four different NYC neighborhoods....

Regions: United States

Issues: Housing

Witnessed: 2844 times


Climate change puts Peru Indians' farming life at risk - 8 Nov 09

In Peru, Quechua Indians work the land in the same way as the Incas did centuries ago.But climate change might force them to change their practices in the future....

Regions: Peru

Issues: Environment, Sustainable development

Witnessed: 2829 times


Status of Africa

'Status of Africa' is a Facebook app that we've (a little team here at BBH London) developed for the charity AMREF (African Medical & Research Foundation).The application gives you the chance to l...

Regions: Africa

Issues: Education, Environment, Food & health & development

Witnessed: 2751 times


UNREPENTANT -- Kevin Annett and Canada's Genocide 6of11

An award-winning documentary film, Unrepentant documents some of the history of Canada's genocide against its native peoples, in and out of residential schools....

Regions: Canada

Issues: Indigenous peoples

Witnessed: 1624 times



The Korean government is currently displacing elderly farmers from their land in order to accommodate the relocation of a U.S....

Regions: Republic of Korea

Issues: Crimes against humanity

Witnessed: 9320 times


Dirty business

British company Vedanta Resources Plc, are planning to start mining for bauxite (aluminum) in the pristine Niyamgiri Hills mountains of Orissa, India, ancestral home of thousands of India’s most vul...

Regions: India

Issues: Corporations and human rights

Witnessed: 2653 times