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Philip Gourevitch on Standard Operating Procedure

Standard Operating Procedure is an original account of the first full reckoning of what actually happened at Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison.

Issues: Detention, Torture, War crimes

Witnessed: 2167 times


Questions from a Parallel Universe

HCLU was very glad that after we filmed Mr. Antonio-Maria Costa being embarrassed by Dr....

Regions: Spain

Issues: Drugs & human rights

Witnessed: 2340 times


UDHR 60th Anniversary: Milt Curtis

For 16 years, WITNESS has harnessed the power of video to advance human rights....

Regions: Africa

Issues: Armed conflict, Child soldiers, War crimes

Witnessed: 2649 times


Message from Aleksandr Zelichenko PhD. - Kyrgyzstan

Message from a Kyrgyz policeman to the governmental delegates to the High Level Segment of the Commission on Narcotic Drugs in March 11-12, 2009 Vienna

Regions: Kyrgyzstan

Issues: Drugs & human rights

Witnessed: 2149 times


Questioning Costa's Answer

Dr. Polak had the opportunity to debate Mr. Costa again at a high level UN meeting in Vienna, on March 12, 2009. Watch the video of the event.

Regions: Austria

Issues: Drugs & human rights

Witnessed: 2503 times


In the Picture with Reza: War and Peace - 30 years on the Frontlines

World famous for his intrepid explorer's style of photographing the most exotic places, Reza (as he is known) has covered most of the globe for National Geographic and other major international public...

Regions: Afghanistan, Iran, Rwanda

Issues: Armed conflict

Witnessed: 2241 times


European Union - Undocumented Immigrants

BeFree encourages the active, wondering curiosity of viewers about the world around them; virtual engagements with real people everywhere.

Regions: Global, Europe

Issues: Corporations and human rights, Human trafficking, Immigration

Witnessed: 2617 times


Bashir Speaks: Sudan president denies war crimes (BBC)

The Sudanese president has given his first international interview since being indicted for war crimes in Darfur, denying all the charges against him.


Regions: Sudan

Issues: Armed conflict, Genocide, War crimes

Witnessed: 2505 times


Minorities Under Siege in Afghanistan - 25 May 09

Less than 20 years ago, thriving Hindu and Sikh communities were among the most prosperous in Afghanistan....

Regions: Afghanistan

Issues: Discrimination, Minorities, Religion

Witnessed: 1765 times


Pakistan's displaced begin journey home - 13

After months of fighting with the Taliban in Pakistan's northwest, the government says it is ready to resettle some of the millions of people displaced by the conflict. ...

Regions: Afghanistan, Pakistan

Issues: Internally displaced persons, Refugees, Violence

Witnessed: 1549 times