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Witnessed: 9019 times


DARFUR: NEVER AGAIN? (documentary trailer)

We have heard the slogan "Never Again" in referral to the European Holocaust last century....

Regions: Sudan

Issues: Crimes against humanity

Witnessed: 2768 times


Pobreza en Latino América y el Caribe

El 43% de la población de América Latina y el Caribe vive en condiciones de pobreza....

Regions: Brazil

Issues: Poverty, Reproductive rights, Sexual rights

Witnessed: 7975 times


Tibetan Youth

Protest outside China's New Delhi embassy by Tibetan students to commemorate the Tibetan National Uprising Day. Footage of Tibet. Interviews with ex-political prisoners who escaped Tibet for India.

Regions: India

Issues: Arbitrary arrest, Education, Freedom of religion & belief

Witnessed: 2471 times


Downturn adds to burden of Myanmar survivors - 06 May 09

One year after Cyclone Nargis tore through Myanmar's Irrawaddy delta, farmers are still struggling to overcome the devastation left by the storm. ...

Regions: Myanmar

Issues: Environment, Housing, Poverty

Witnessed: 3133 times


Witnessed: 15395 times


Our Sufferings in this Land

This film documents a two-week visit to Palestine by a group of international peace activists in the autumn 2005....

Regions: Palestine

Issues: Crimes against humanity

Witnessed: 3567 times


Yemen: Selective or Equal Justice ?

The family of the late Masha bin Yaish. Press conference held by HOOD in the Capital of Yemen Sanna'a Monday 02 February 2009 , ...

Regions: Yemen

Issues: Racial discrimination, Religion

Witnessed: 3321 times


Myanmar protests 2007

Amnesty International joins the protests outside the Myanmar (Burma) embassy in London. Catherine Baber from Amnesty International speaks about the situation.

Regions: Myanmar

Issues: Freedom of opinion & expression, Impunity, Police brutality

Witnessed: 12679 times



"Don't just depend on the courage and intrepidity of others. Each and every one of you must make sacrifices to become a hero possessed of courage and intrepidity....

Regions: Myanmar

Issues: Crimes against humanity, Impunity, International criminal court

Witnessed: 2971 times