Issues: Physical disability

See also: Discrimination, Health
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Overheard in Plett

Through raw, honest cinematography and artistry, Lucy Griswold takes us deep into the heart of Plettenberg Bay: we travel the streets, stroll the beaches, wander the stores and are led through a serie...

Regions: South Africa

Issues: HIV-AIDS, Physical disability, Racial discrimination

Witnessed: 2427 times


War and the Environment

The environmental impact of war is one of the last things we usually talk about when we discuss the consequences of military conflict....

Regions: Vietnam

Issues: Crimes against humanity, Physical disability, War crimes

Witnessed: 2268 times


Haiti recovery efforts must include people with disabilities

An estimated 250,000 Haitians were injured in the January earthquake and many will now suffer lifelong disabilities....

Regions: Haiti

Issues: Physical disability

Witnessed: 2059 times


A human zoo? Chinese all-dwarf themepark

A look at how 'little people' are treated in China reveals some startling differences to the west.

Regions: China

Issues: Physical disability

Witnessed: 3652 times


A Walk To Beautiful

A WALK TO BEAUTIFUL tells the riveting stories of five Ethiopian women who suffer from obstetric fistula, a devastating injury caused by obstructed labor during childbirth....

Regions: Africa, Ethiopia

Issues: Food & health & development, Physical disability, Women's rights

Witnessed: 2180 times


Moving out of the institution

Terri and Nancy lived in an institution for most of their lives. This video shows what life was like at New Lisbon Developmental Center in NJ. They said they were afraid....

Regions: United States

Issues: Discrimination, Mental disability rights, Physical disability

Witnessed: 3063 times


Beyondmedia Video - Doin' It: Sex, Disability and Videotape

A short version of a documentary in which The Empowered Fe Fes, a peer group of young women aged 16 to 24 with different disabilities provide an insightful investigation into the truths about sex and ...

Regions: United States

Issues: Physical disability, Sexual rights, Women's rights

Witnessed: 8242 times


Forgotten People (Excerpts)

Running Time: 1 Minute, 13 Seconds ...

Regions: Armenia, Hungary, Mexico

Issues: Mental disability rights, Physical disability

Witnessed: 4616 times



A courageous boy rises above violence in Lebanon with wit, humor and the support of his best friend.

Regions: Lebanon

Issues: Landmines & unexploded ordnances, Physical disability, War crimes

Witnessed: 2632 times


Celebrating CRPD: In Sign Language

Hundreds of sign languages are in use around the world....

Regions: Colombia

Issues: Discrimination, Mental disability rights, Physical disability

Witnessed: 3995 times