Issues: Juvenile justice

See also: Children's rights, Justice, Prisons
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Jamaica: Seven girls under state care burn in fire

On May 22, 2009, a fire took place at the Armadale Juvenile Correctional Center in St. Ann Jamaica, which resulted in the death of 7 girls....

Regions: Jamaica

Issues: Children's rights, Juvenile justice

Witnessed: 3606 times


Amfisa In nEw YOrk Green Central Park

Amfisa In nEw YOrk Green Central Park

Regions: United States

Issues: Arbitrary arrest, Juvenile justice


Witnessed: 2227 times


Witnessed: 2332 times


A Prisoner of Colors: The Story of Delara Darabi Facing Execution in Iran

Across the globe, activists petitioned to save Delara Darabi's life.

She was a 22-year-old Iranian woman who had been convicted of a crime she allegedly committed at age 17.


Regions: Iran

Issues: Children's rights, Death penalty, Juvenile justice

Witnessed: 2582 times


The US Detention System in Iraq

Hundreds of thousands of Iraqis have been detained by the US, one and a half million have had an immediate family-member detained, almost every Iraqi knows someone who has been through the US detentio...

Regions: Iraq

Issues: Arbitrary arrest, Detention, Juvenile justice

Witnessed: 2494 times


Hunger for education, but police on my feet

Facing police brutality in Baltimore. Learn more about Somali Bantu refugees and sign a letter to President Obama about refugee rights at

Regions: Somalia, United States

Issues: Justice, Juvenile justice, Prisons

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Obama's Child Soldiers

Six days after the inauguration of President Obama, the U.S. is scheduled to begin the first trial of a child soldier accused of war crimes since World War II. ...

Regions: Afghanistan, Cuba, United States

Issues: Child soldiers, Juvenile justice, War crimes

Witnessed: 3101 times