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North Korea: Behind the Iron Curtain

The sinking of the South Korean navy ship Cheonan and the subsequent international report that found a North Korean submarine's torpedo was responsible, has lead to heightened tension between the two ...

Regions: Democratic People's Republic of Korea

Issues: Justice, Violence

Witnessed: 2924 times


Hellish Work: Tobacco Workers in Kazakhstan

With Jane Buchanan, senior researcher in the Europe and Central Asia Division of Human Rights Watch. ...

Regions: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan

Issues: Corporations and human rights, Labor, Slavery & forced labor

Witnessed: 2580 times


KIDNAPPED IN IRAQ - Free the US Hostages

Free the Hostages is an appeal to the US & Iranian governments to free the US 3 hostages held in Evin Prison since 2009....

Regions: Iran

Issues: Crimes against humanity, Human rights defenders

Witnessed: 2722 times


Military Tribunals in Egypt - Khairat Al-Shatar

Interview with Zahra Khairat Al-Shatar in May 2010. She is the daughter of Khairat Al-Shatar, arbitrarily detained in Egypt and one of the many Egyptian civilians to be tried in a military tribunal.

Regions: Egypt

Issues: Arbitrary arrest, Detention, Human rights defenders

Witnessed: 2810 times


The Real Hikers - Last Night In Syria

On July 31st 2009 3 US Graduates, Sarah Shourd, Shane Bauer & Josh Fattal were on holiday in Iraqi Kurdistan when they were detained by Iranian Border guards.Iran claimed that they had hiked acr...

Regions: Iran, Syria, United States

Issues: Detention, Human rights defenders, Justice

Witnessed: 2852 times


Searching for Loved Ones in Tivoli Gardens

In the aftermath of a crackdown by Jamaican security forces in West Kingston in May, 2010, residents carry photographs of their loved ones to the Tivoli Gardens Community Center to identify the dead.

Regions: Jamaica

Issues: Impunity, Mass killings, Police brutality

Witnessed: 2790 times


The 3 US Hikers in Iran - Free Me: Searching for the truth

In July 2009, 3 US holidaymakers were captured by Iranian border guards whilst they were on a hiking trip in Iraqi Kurdistan.

Regions: Iran, Sudan, Syria

Issues: Human rights defenders, Justice, Prisons

Witnessed: 3023 times


Jamaica: Seven girls under state care burn in fire

On May 22, 2009, a fire took place at the Armadale Juvenile Correctional Center in St. Ann Jamaica, which resulted in the death of 7 girls....

Regions: Jamaica

Issues: Children's rights, Juvenile justice

Witnessed: 3609 times


MacroAsia Corporation Threatens Isolated Palawan Communities

While the so-called “responsible mining” rhetoric is being promoted, the ongoing destruction of Palawan’s natural forests, protected areas and ancestral domains bluntly violates the SEP law (Str...

Regions: Philippines

Issues: Crimes against humanity, Environment, Indigenous peoples

Witnessed: 2908 times



On September 2008, barangay Ipilan chairman Jonathan Lagrada questioned the legitimacy of MacroAsia, thus stopping its contractor JCP Geo-Ex Services, Inc....

Regions: Philippines

Issues: Environment, Freedom of opinion & expression, Justice

Witnessed: 2665 times