Issues: International criminal court

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"Don't just depend on the courage and intrepidity of others. Each and every one of you must make sacrifices to become a hero possessed of courage and intrepidity....

Regions: Myanmar

Issues: Crimes against humanity, Impunity, International criminal court

Witnessed: 3004 times


The Reckoning by Paco de Onis, Peter Kinoy, and Pamela Yates (Trailer)

Over 120 countries have united to form the International Criminal Court (ICC) — the first permanent court created to prosecute perpetrators, no matter how powerful, of crimes against humanity, war c...

Regions: Congo , Sudan, Uganda

Issues: Genocide, International criminal court, War crimes

Witnessed: 2950 times


Watch "The Reckoning" on POV tonight - or online

Eliza Licht is Director of Community Engagement and Education for POV. ...

Regions: Congo, Democratic Republic of the, Netherlands, United States

Issues: International criminal court, Justice, War crimes

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