Issues: Human trafficking

See also: Children's rights, Violence, Women's rights, Other
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Witnessed: 2936 times


Underage, illegal, and stranded in Calais

Human trafficking and illegal aliens in Calais, France.

Regions: France

Issues: Human trafficking, Refugees

Witnessed: 2931 times


HealthRight International - Health is a human right

HealthRight International is a global health and human rights organization founded in 1990 by Dr. Jonathan Mann....

Regions: Russia, United States

Issues: Children's rights, Detention, Discrimination

Witnessed: 3699 times



Bulatlat is the Philippines's top alternative online publication....

Regions: Philippines

Issues: Armed conflict, Child labor, Children's rights

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European Union - Undocumented Immigrants

BeFree encourages the active, wondering curiosity of viewers about the world around them; virtual engagements with real people everywhere.

Regions: Global, Europe

Issues: Corporations and human rights, Human trafficking, Immigration

Witnessed: 2659 times


Perilous Journey

Somali refugees and Ethiopian migrants are risking their lives at sea for a better life in Yemen, where MSF teams provide assistance to those who survive a treacherous journey on smuggler boats throug...

Regions: Ethiopia, Somalia, Yemen

Issues: Human trafficking, Poverty, Refugees

Witnessed: 3020 times