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Concord University Student Homeless Challenge Project: Before & After

How did the National Coalition for the Homeless sponsored Student Homeless Challenge Project change Concord University students' views on people experiencing homelessness? ...

Regions: United States

Issues: Housing, Poverty, Shelter

Witnessed: 2353 times


Dwayne's Story of Life on the Streets of DC

Concord University Bonner Scholars met and interviewed Dwayne in Franklin Square of Washington, DC....

Regions: United States

Issues: HIV-AIDS, Housing, Poverty

Witnessed: 2156 times


Nahr al-Bared Camp: Protest Against Barracks

On 15 May 2009, several hundred residents of the destroyed Nahr al-Bared Refugee Camp in North Lebanon gathered at the al-Quds mosque to march along the army posts to a construction side in the south ...

Regions: Lebanon, Middle East and Caucasus

Issues: Armed conflict, Housing, Internally displaced persons

Witnessed: 1917 times



Bulatlat is the Philippines's top alternative online publication....

Regions: Philippines

Issues: Armed conflict, Child labor, Children's rights

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Land & Life

The Messenger Band, Cambodia Cambodia’s Messenger Band has a new song ‘Land and Life’. Filmed in part at Boueng Kak, the video is produced by Bridges Across Borders Southeast Asia

Regions: Cambodia

Issues: Housing, Sustainable development

Witnessed: 1792 times


Organization for Visual Progression

The Organization for Visual Progression (OVP) is dedicated to providing individuals and organizations with the opportunity to create and utilize visual media in their advocacy efforts and social justi...

Regions: Netherlands, Philippines, United States

Issues: Corporations and human rights, Corruption, Education

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Downturn adds to burden of Myanmar survivors - 06 May 09

One year after Cyclone Nargis tore through Myanmar's Irrawaddy delta, farmers are still struggling to overcome the devastation left by the storm. ...

Regions: Myanmar

Issues: Environment, Housing, Poverty

Witnessed: 3180 times


People Living With HIV/AIDS Living in Fear of Forced Eviction

Over 30 families living with HIV/AIDS in the "green shed" at the Borei Kila social land concession are facing the prospect of eviction.


Regions: Cambodia

Issues: HIV-AIDS, Housing, Internally displaced persons

Witnessed: 9832 times


Cambodia For Sale - Trailer

Official trailer of "Cambodia For Sale", a documentary on and grabbing and evictions in Cambodia. For more check:

Regions: Cambodia

Issues: Housing, Shelter, Sustainable development

Witnessed: 3547 times