Issues: Education

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Idara Farog -e- Ilm it's means Organization for promote Education and it's Slogan ILM Zindagi it's means Education is Life.M. ILYAS KHATRI, Coordinator,

Regions: Pakistan

Issues: Education

Witnessed: 4041 times


Switzerland: Short film on Zurich's Autonomous School

On 19 April, a barrack on a plot belonging to the freight depot of Zurich's railway station was squatted and revived. The barrack has been empty for more than a year....

Regions: Europe, Switzerland

Issues: Education, Immigration , Refugees

Witnessed: 3190 times


Status of Africa

'Status of Africa' is a Facebook app that we've (a little team here at BBH London) developed for the charity AMREF (African Medical & Research Foundation).The application gives you the chance to l...

Regions: Africa

Issues: Education, Environment, Food & health & development

Witnessed: 2753 times


Human Rights Violation At The University Of Law Morocco, Méknes

We Students Of The University Of Law Decided To Boycot The Exam Of The 13 January 2010 - 13 Yes Unlucky Number = Maybe Was The Cause Of Violent Police Acts Without Any reasons .We Were Forced To Pass ...

Regions: Morocco

Issues: Arbitrary arrest, Corporations and human rights, Corruption

Witnessed: 3086 times


Building Fragments

This is a short version of the 40 min documentary, Building Fragments, the making of Delhi City Symphony (2009), illustrating the issues and background to this project where underprivileged children i...

Regions: India

Issues: Education, Sustainable development

Witnessed: 2743 times


Thinking Beyond Borders

Creating proactive agents of change with the global consciousness and skills to translate their learning into action -- that is what Thinking Beyond Borders does....

Regions: China, Ecuador, India

Issues: Education, Environment, HIV-AIDS

Witnessed: 3282 times


Women in India: Our Journey

TBB 2009-10 students Marianna Brady and Genevieve Moss-Hawkins created this video recently to explore the experiences of women in rural India....

Regions: India

Issues: Education, Food & health & development, Marriage

Witnessed: 2858 times


Impact of Youtube in Burma

Youtube has caught the attention of the international community, and non profit organizations, like the US Campaign for Burma use Youtube to attract people to support the democracy movement in Burma, ...

Regions: Myanmar

Issues: Detention, Education, Human rights defenders

Witnessed: 3071 times


The Best Friend Relocation and Education Project

Please help us relocate the people living in the rubbish dump of Mae Sot, Thailand to a clean and safe home. Video by Jeffrey Hellman

Regions: Myanmar, Thailand

Issues: Education, Poverty, Refugees

Witnessed: 2893 times


Haiti Reconstruction - Public Service Announcement

On January 12th 2010 a massive earthquake struck Haiti. Millions of lives were affected and a country was left in ruins. ...

Regions: Haiti

Issues: Education, Environment, Food & health & development

Witnessed: 3438 times