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Graffiti Campaign and Burmese Solidarity

George Washington University students held a Chalk- Graffiti Campaign to reflect the struggles and despair of Burma's youth. They said they held this protest to stay united with the people of Burma....

Regions: Myanmar

Issues: Freedom of opinion & expression

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Burma Awareness Week

Burma Awareness Week at Goucher College in Baltimore, Maryland

Regions: Myanmar

Issues: Crimes against humanity, Freedom of opinion & expression, Minorities

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Episode One: interview with Shirin Neshat / مصاحبه با شیرین نشاط

مهمان اولین برنامه هفته سبز، خانم شیرین نشاط، سازنده فیلم "زنان بدون مرد" و برنده جایزه شیر نقره ای برای ب...

Regions: Iran

Issues: Arbitrary arrest, Detention, Freedom of opinion & expression

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Kenya: Landmark Ruling on Indigenous Land Rights [UPDATED]

In a landmark ruling on February 4th, the African Union has condemned the expulsion of the Endorois

Regions: Kenya

Issues: Indigenous peoples, Minorities

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Gay rights in Lebanon

The difficulties of addressing rising HIV rates whilst homosexuality remains illegal.

Regions: Lebanon


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Mental health in Afghanistan

A look at some of the options available for the mentally ill in Afghanistan.

Regions: Afghanistan

Issues: Mental disability rights

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A human zoo? Chinese all-dwarf themepark

A look at how 'little people' are treated in China reveals some startling differences to the west.

Regions: China

Issues: Physical disability

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