Issues: Crimes against humanity

See also: Humanitarian, Justice
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KIDNAPPED IN IRAQ - Free the US Hostages

Free the Hostages is an appeal to the US & Iranian governments to free the US 3 hostages held in Evin Prison since 2009....

Regions: Iran

Issues: Crimes against humanity, Human rights defenders

Witnessed: 2720 times


MacroAsia Corporation Threatens Isolated Palawan Communities

While the so-called “responsible mining” rhetoric is being promoted, the ongoing destruction of Palawan’s natural forests, protected areas and ancestral domains bluntly violates the SEP law (Str...

Regions: Philippines

Issues: Crimes against humanity, Environment, Indigenous peoples

Witnessed: 2905 times


Crossed Out

Crossed Out is a short film about Shahrnush Parsipur who is a well-known Iranian writer and Activist.  She has prison and exile experience and you can know more in this film.

Regions: Iran

Issues: Crimes against humanity

Witnessed: 2461 times


War and the Environment

The environmental impact of war is one of the last things we usually talk about when we discuss the consequences of military conflict....

Regions: Vietnam

Issues: Crimes against humanity, Physical disability, War crimes

Witnessed: 2265 times



"Don't just depend on the courage and intrepidity of others. Each and every one of you must make sacrifices to become a hero possessed of courage and intrepidity....

Regions: Myanmar

Issues: Crimes against humanity, Impunity, International criminal court

Witnessed: 3001 times


Burma Awareness Week

Burma Awareness Week at Goucher College in Baltimore, Maryland

Regions: Myanmar

Issues: Crimes against humanity, Freedom of opinion & expression, Minorities

Witnessed: 2450 times

Blog entry

Rwandans in the United States advocate for Survivors Back Home

A short documentary about Rwandan survivors who live in the United States. They are advocating for survivors in Rwanda who still live next door to the neighbors who killed their families.

Regions: Rwanda, United States

Issues: Crimes against humanity, Genocide, Transitional justice

Witnessed: 3521 times