Issues: Children's rights

Including results for: Child labor, Child pornography, Child prostitution, Child soldiers, Human trafficking, Juvenile justice
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Issues: Child labor, Children's rights, Mercenaries


Jamaica: Seven girls under state care burn in fire

On May 22, 2009, a fire took place at the Armadale Juvenile Correctional Center in St. Ann Jamaica, which resulted in the death of 7 girls....

Regions: Jamaica

Issues: Children's rights, Juvenile justice

Witnessed: 3607 times


Veggies Gone Wild!!!

US child labor law doesn't apply to agriculture, so the fruits and veggies you eat might have been picked by kids.

Regions: United States

Issues: Child labor, Children's rights

Witnessed: 2308 times


Amfisa In nEw YOrk Green Central Park

Amfisa In nEw YOrk Green Central Park

Regions: United States

Issues: Arbitrary arrest, Juvenile justice


Witnessed: 2932 times


Underage, illegal, and stranded in Calais

Human trafficking and illegal aliens in Calais, France.

Regions: France

Issues: Human trafficking, Refugees

Witnessed: 2929 times


Infantile Prostitution in Brazil: Victims of the Omission

This is the continuation of a serie of 3 news article about infantile prostitution in the Noertheast of Brazil. One 15 years old girl was murdered while she worked as a prostitute....

Regions: Brazil

Issues: Child prostitution

Witnessed: 3939 times


HealthRight International - Health is a human right

HealthRight International is a global health and human rights organization founded in 1990 by Dr. Jonathan Mann....

Regions: Russia, United States

Issues: Children's rights, Detention, Discrimination

Witnessed: 3696 times


Stop the killing in the Congo

The war in the Democratic Republic of Congo has been called the forgotten conflict. But many people here have experienced suffering they will never forget. ...

Regions: Congo, Democratic Republic of the

Issues: Armed conflict, Child soldiers, Internally displaced persons

Witnessed: 2768 times


Insight with Emmanuel Jal: From Child Soldier to rap artist

From child soldier to hip hop artist invited to perform at Nelson Mandela’s 80th birthday celebrations, Emmanuel Jal's story is a remarkable one of transformed life. ...

Regions: Sudan

Issues: Child soldiers

Witnessed: 2690 times