Issues: Child prostitution

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Infantile Prostitution in Brazil: Victims of the Omission

This is the continuation of a serie of 3 news article about infantile prostitution in the Noertheast of Brazil. One 15 years old girl was murdered while she worked as a prostitute....

Regions: Brazil

Issues: Child prostitution

Witnessed: 3937 times


Arthur Pratt and WeOwnTV

We traveled to Sierra Leone in January/Febuary 2009 on a scouting trip for a community based media workshop we have planned for August/September this year....

Regions: Africa, Sierra Leone

Issues: Child prostitution

Witnessed: 2894 times


UNICEF: Radio for and by children in Banda Aceh

BANDA ACEH, Indonesia, 29 December 2008 Putri Saleh hosts a radio programme tailored just for children, tackling issues ranging from school problems to child abuse. ...

Regions: Indonesia

Issues: Child prostitution, Children's rights, Human trafficking

Witnessed: 3366 times


Get Angry. Please.

The fight to stop global child trafficking.


Regions: Global

Issues: Child prostitution

Witnessed: 2757 times


Local demand fuels Cambodian child prostitution

The problem of child prostitution in Cambodia is often depicted as an industry which serves predatory foreign tourists. ...

Regions: Cambodia

Issues: Child prostitution, HIV-AIDS, Rape and sexual abuse

Witnessed: 5524 times


New York City: Sexual Exploitation and Human Trafficking

Frank N. Barnaba, President of the Barnaba Institute, has been in the anti-human trafficking field for over 28 years....

Regions: United States

Issues: Child prostitution, Human trafficking

Witnessed: 5508 times


Cambodia and Vietnam: Sex Slaves (BBC)

Young girls in Cambodia and from Vietnam are sold in the sex slaves trade....

Regions: Cambodia, Vietnam

Issues: Child pornography, Child prostitution, Human trafficking

Witnessed: 23304 times


Child Sex Tourism In Flight Video

Air France currently shows this video on their flights. About 2 million children worldwide are under 18 and enslaved in the sex trade. Child prostitution is a crime....

Regions: Global

Issues: Child prostitution

Witnessed: 7328 times


Witnessed: 2165 times