Issues: Bonded labor

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China: Rising unemployment hits migrant workers (The Guardian)

Millions of migrant workers in Beijing are returning to the countryside for Chinese new year....

Regions: China

Issues: Bonded labor, Labor, Slavery & forced labor

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Living Under Bondage

The migrant labourers in Jawaharlal Nehru university, New Delhi are living a life of bondage without minimum wages, proper housing and basic facilities like toilet....

Regions: India

Issues: Bonded labor

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The plight of the 'invisible' Malaysians

The plight of the Indian community, especially the plantation workers in Malaysia - their condition has largely remained unchanged since independence in 1957.

Regions: Malaysia

Issues: Bonded labor, Poverty, Racial discrimination

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The plight of South Asian migrant workers

Many South Asian workers are leaving their homes and families for the promise of money and security in Singapore, only to discover they have been duped and no jobs exist. ...

Regions: Bangladesh, Singapore

Issues: Bonded labor, Corporations and human rights, Slavery & forced labor

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Labor Day, 2008: More Slaves Today Than Ever in History

Labor Day was born of the desire to recognize the rights and achievements of workers.  Today, however, an estimated 27 million people across the worl...

Regions: Global

Issues: Bonded labor, Human trafficking, Labor

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Forced Labor: The child workers of Afghanistan

Thousands of children as young as four are being forced to work in brick factories in Afghanistan. Some of them work up to 12 hours a day, to help pay off debts owed by their families. ...

Regions: Afghanistan

Issues: Bonded labor, Child labor, Slavery & forced labor

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