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Recognize Abkhazia First

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin says major international organizations have to recognize Abkhazia's independence before sending their observers to the region.


Regions: Georgia, Russia

Issues: Armed conflict

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Abkhazia voices concern over Russian dominance - 26 Aug 09

The Georgian breakaway region of Abkhazia has celebrated its first anniversary of its recognition by Russia as an independent state. ...

Regions: Georgia, Russia

Issues: Armed conflict, Violence

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Somali refugees tapped up for fighting at home - 24 Aug 09

For almost 20 years Somali refugees who've fled violence at home, have made their way to camps in Kenya. But once there, they find themselves trapped in what many liken to open air prisons....

Regions: Kenya, Somalia

Issues: Armed conflict, Internally displaced persons, Refugees

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Gaza Gunbattle Leaves Several Dead - 15 Aug 09

Fighting between Hamas forces and al-Jamaa al-Salafiya al-Jihadya in Palestine has left at least 16 people dead, after a Sheikh called for the Gaza Strip to be ruled by Sharia (Islamic law)....

Regions: Israel, Palestine

Issues: Armed conflict, Violence

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Bosnia facing troubled future - 13 Aug 09

On his recent trip to Bosnia-Herzegovina, Joe Biden, the US vice president, warned politicians there that a descent into "ethnic chaos" needed to be averted. ...

Regions: Bosnia, Serbia

Issues: Armed conflict, Discrimination, Minorities

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Reality of ADB safeguards in Sri Lanka - Part 2

Sri Lanka is an island situated along the strategically important Indian sea route. It is a middle income country which has a population of approximately 20 million people. ...

Regions: Sri Lanka

Issues: Landmines & unexploded ordnances

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