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Narco Wars: In the Pic with Jason Howe - Colombia: Between the Lines

British photojournalist Jason P. Howe spent 5 years visiting some of the most war ravaged areas of Colombia....

Regions: Colombia

Issues: Armed conflict, Humanitarian, Justice

Witnessed: 2382 times


Malalai Joya at the Frontline Club

An opportunity to hear prominent Afghan politician Malalai Joya, who has been called the "the bravest woman in Afghanistan" speaking at the Frontline Club. ...

Regions: Afghanistan

Issues: Armed conflict, Humanitarian, Women's rights

Witnessed: 2661 times


Iraq - the reckoning

The proposed inquiry into the war in Iraq, expected to begin once the withdrawal of troops is completed in July, has already created controversy. ...

Regions: Iraq

Issues: Armed conflict

Witnessed: 2178 times


Thousands still missing after Iraq-Iran war - 30 Aug 09

More than 20 years have passed since the declaration of a ceasefire which ended the war between Iran and Iraq....

Regions: Iran, Iraq

Issues: Armed conflict

Witnessed: 2599 times


Palestinians accuse Israel of organ theft - 31 Aug 09

A diplomatic row between Sweden and Israel has emerged after a leading Swedish tabloid printed an article suggesting Israeli soldiers stole body parts from Palestinians after killing them. ...

Regions: Israel, Palestine

Issues: Armed conflict, Corruption

Witnessed: 2298 times


The other freedom fighters

Ex-members of CPM feel aggrieved that they are being demonised although they too played a major role in achieving independence. ...

Regions: Malaysia, Thailand

Issues: Armed conflict, Discrimination

Witnessed: 2135 times


Amnesty International: Report on Mindanao Conflict

More than 200,000 civilians in central Mindanao are still vulnerable to abuses despite the recent ceasefire between the Philippine army and the insurgent Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), warned A...

Regions: Philippines

Issues: Armed conflict, Internally displaced persons, Torture

Witnessed: 2938 times


Witnessed: 2200 times