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Pledge2Protect: Largest Lobby Day in Genocide Prevention History - and with Video!

UPDATE 11.10.09:  Watch this video report-back from lobby day, which features how STAND activists ushered-in a new era of video advocacy!   ...

Regions: Global, United States

Issues: Armed conflict, Crimes against humanity, Genocide

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Stop the killing in the Congo

The war in the Democratic Republic of Congo has been called the forgotten conflict. But many people here have experienced suffering they will never forget. ...

Regions: Congo, Democratic Republic of the

Issues: Armed conflict, Child soldiers, Internally displaced persons

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FSMEP - Archives of Dissent

"Speakers: Julie Herrada, Labadie Collection Librarian, University of Michigan; Kalim Smith, Berkeley doctoral student in anthropology; Megan Shaw Prelinger & Rick Prelinger, Co-founders of t...

Regions: United States, Vietnam

Issues: Education, Freedom of opinion & expression, War crimes

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Insight with Emmanuel Jal: From Child Soldier to rap artist

From child soldier to hip hop artist invited to perform at Nelson Mandela’s 80th birthday celebrations, Emmanuel Jal's story is a remarkable one of transformed life. ...

Regions: Sudan

Issues: Child soldiers

Witnessed: 2726 times