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The Real Hikers - Last Night In Syria

On July 31st 2009 3 US Graduates, Sarah Shourd, Shane Bauer & Josh Fattal were on holiday in Iraqi Kurdistan when they were detained by Iranian Border guards.Iran claimed that they had hiked acr...

Regions: Iran, Syria, United States

Issues: Detention, Human rights defenders, Justice

Witnessed: 2849 times


The 3 US Hikers in Iran - Free Me: Searching for the truth

In July 2009, 3 US holidaymakers were captured by Iranian border guards whilst they were on a hiking trip in Iraqi Kurdistan.

Regions: Iran, Sudan, Syria

Issues: Human rights defenders, Justice, Prisons

Witnessed: 3022 times


Turkish dam project threatens historic sites - 18 Mar 09

A project to build a dam in Turkey is proving controversial as concerns over its widespread impact resurface. ...

Regions: Iraq, Syria, Turkey

Issues: Environment, Sustainable development, Water

Witnessed: 2766 times


Lebanon - Civil War or Ceasefire?

Do recent developments in the region allow us to draw any conclusions about the future of Israel, Lebanon, Syria and Hizbollah and the wider Middle East?

Regions: Israel, Lebanon, Syria

Issues: Armed conflict, Freedom of religion & belief

Witnessed: 2589 times


Is it time for an independent Kurdistan?

With Iraqi Kurds now almost totally independent of Baghdad, is the time right for talk of a new pan-Kurdish state or are regional autonomies the only way forward?

Regions: Iraq, Syria, Turkey

Issues: Armed conflict, Discrimination, Humanitarian

Witnessed: 3286 times


What about the Iraqi refugee crisis?

Last night I had the pleasure of participating on a panel at Fordham University, organized by Human Rights First, entitled "Iraqi Citizens: War and Ex...

Regions: Iraq, Jordan, Syria

Issues: Refugees

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Social workers

Transformative Arts and Human Rights Education Guide (Ba Futuru, Dili, 2006). Language(s): English. ...

Regions: Afghanistan, Africa, Albania

Issues: Children's rights, Discrimination, Health


Public Officials

Human Rights: Handbook for Parliamentarians (Manfred Nowak, Geneva, 2005). Language(s): English, French. ...

Regions: Afghanistan, Africa, Albania

Issues: Armed conflict, Children's rights, Discrimination


Prison officials

Human Rights and Prisons: A Manual on Human Rights Training for Prison Officials (Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, New York/Geneva, 2004). Language(s): English. ...

Regions: Afghanistan, Africa, Albania

Issues: Justice, Prisons, Violence


Lawyers and paralegals

Legal Investigations of Torture Allegations: A Practical Guide to the Istanbul Protocol – for Lawyers (REDRESS Trust, Copenhagen, 2004). Language(s): English, Spanish. ...

Regions: Afghanistan, Africa, Albania

Issues: Death penalty, Human trafficking, Justice