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American Identity and Global Leadership

How does my identity as an American affect the rest of the world?...

Regions: China, Ecuador, India

Issues: Caste discrimination, Environment, HIV-AIDS

Witnessed: 2958 times


Overheard in Plett

Through raw, honest cinematography and artistry, Lucy Griswold takes us deep into the heart of Plettenberg Bay: we travel the streets, stroll the beaches, wander the stores and are led through a serie...

Regions: South Africa

Issues: HIV-AIDS, Physical disability, Racial discrimination

Witnessed: 2426 times



What are the barriers to HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment? What are the walls?...

Regions: South Africa, United States

Issues: HIV-AIDS

Witnessed: 2604 times


Attacking poverty at the grassroots through microfinance

Microloan Foundation gives loans directly to groups of women throughout Southern Africa to break the vicious cycle of poverty.

Regions: Malawi, Namibia, Zambia

Issues: Women's rights

Witnessed: 2055 times


South Africa's grapples with healthcare woes 12 Sept 09

South Africa spends more on healthcare than any other African country. But over half of that is spent treating HIV/Aids. ...

Regions: South Africa

Issues: Health, HIV-AIDS, Poverty

Witnessed: 2211 times


Water is Ours

Thanks to for making this film! ...

Regions: South Africa

Issues: Sustainable development, Water

Witnessed: 2274 times


Zimbabweans seek future in South Africa - 24 Aug 09

The United Nations says there are 100 million people now working outside their home countries. The vast majority have moved from the developing to the developed world....

Regions: South Africa, Zimbabwe

Issues: Internally displaced persons, Poverty, Refugees

Witnessed: 2107 times