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Caso Márcia Leopoldi

Vídeo produzido pela União de Mulheres de São Paulo sobre o caso Márcia Leopoldi, que tramita na Comissão Interamericana de Direitos Humanos, no qual o CEJIL é um dos peticionários....

Regions: Brazil

Issues: Violence against women

Witnessed: 4344 times


American Identity and Global Leadership

How does my identity as an American affect the rest of the world?...

Regions: China, Ecuador, India

Issues: Caste discrimination, Environment, HIV-AIDS

Witnessed: 2994 times



Recently, through the support of the Christensen Fund, the Centre for Biocultural Diversity (CBCD) - University of Kent - has facilitated the establishment of solidarity links between the indigenous c...

Regions: Peru, Philippines

Issues: Environment, Indigenous peoples

Witnessed: 2404 times


Citizens of the World Argentina

During the summer of 2008, five groups of Belgian teenagers were c...

Regions: Argentina

Issues: Forced disappearances

Witnessed: 2261 times


Thinking Beyond Borders

Creating proactive agents of change with the global consciousness and skills to translate their learning into action -- that is what Thinking Beyond Borders does....

Regions: China, Ecuador, India

Issues: Education, Environment, HIV-AIDS

Witnessed: 3317 times


Infantile Prostitution in Brazil: Victims of the Omission

This is the continuation of a serie of 3 news article about infantile prostitution in the Noertheast of Brazil. One 15 years old girl was murdered while she worked as a prostitute....

Regions: Brazil

Issues: Child prostitution

Witnessed: 3965 times


Change the lending, not the climate!

In December last year, Bankwatch launched its new report on the European Investment Bank's energy portfolio....

Regions: Africa, Asia, South America

Issues: Environment, Sustainable development

Witnessed: 1883 times


Street Youth in Guatemala, Peru and Bolivia

Take a look inside the work IPPF/WHR is doing to empower street youth to break the cycle of poverty.

Regions: Bolivia, Guatemala, Peru

Issues: Reproductive rights, Sexual rights

Witnessed: 3158 times


Oxfam America: "Follow the Money"

Standing at the pump, watching the numbers tick away, do you ever wonder where the money goes? You’re not alone: People on the other end of the pipeline are wondering too....

Regions: Central America, East Asia, South America

Issues: Corporations and human rights, Corruption, Human rights defenders

Witnessed: 2757 times