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Recently, through the support of the Christensen Fund, the Centre for Biocultural Diversity (CBCD) - University of Kent - has facilitated the establishment of solidarity links between the indigenous c...

Regions: Peru, Philippines

Issues: Environment, Indigenous peoples

Witnessed: 2404 times


Street Youth in Guatemala, Peru and Bolivia

Take a look inside the work IPPF/WHR is doing to empower street youth to break the cycle of poverty.

Regions: Bolivia, Guatemala, Peru

Issues: Reproductive rights, Sexual rights

Witnessed: 3158 times


Climate change puts Peru Indians' farming life at risk - 8 Nov 09

In Peru, Quechua Indians work the land in the same way as the Incas did centuries ago.But climate change might force them to change their practices in the future....

Regions: Peru

Issues: Environment, Sustainable development

Witnessed: 2862 times


Peruanista (a Vlog by Carlos Quiróz to announce his return to YouTube)

In this vlog, Carlos Quiróz, the founder of the blog Peruanista, a bilingual blog about Peru and the Abya Yala (Latin America) written from the United States, discusses the arrival of his new YouTube...

Regions: Peru, United States

Issues: Freedom of opinion & expression, Human rights defenders

Witnessed: 2650 times


Q'orianka Kilcher y la comunidad Achuar en la Selva Peruana

16-year old Hollywood actor and activist Q'orianka Kilcher's visit to Peru's Amazon rainforest seeks to bring to light the 35 year struggle of the Achuar people against oil companies such as Occidenta...

Regions: Peru

Issues: Corporations and human rights, Environment, Food & health & development

Witnessed: 2891 times


Social Media and Online Technologies for Indigenous Rights in Peru

*This is the first post of a weekly series we'll be doing in September on Indigenous media.   ...

Regions: Peru

Issues: Corporations and human rights, Corruption, Discrimination

Blog entry

Mis ancestros me dan fuerzas: congresista Hilaria Supa Huamán en Foro Indígena de ONU en New York

La congresista indígena quechua de Perú, Hilaria Supa Huamán, habla de su participación en el Foro Permanente de Asuntos Indígenas de la ONu, de los derechos de los pueblos indígenas de Perú, d...

Regions: Peru, United States

Issues: Indigenous peoples

Witnessed: 4526 times


"Peruvian Indigenous Leader Seeks Asylum" - (Democracy Now!)

"In Peru, indigenous leader Alberto Pizango has sought refuge in Nicaragua’s Embassy and is seeking asylum....

Regions: Peru

Issues: Corporations and human rights, Discrimination, Environment

Witnessed: 2382 times


Peru's Indigenous Groups Vow to Fight for Land - 12 Jun 09

A law intended to open up the Amazon in Peru to exploitation by mining and timber companies, has been suspended by the government. ...

Regions: Peru

Issues: Environment

Witnessed: 2148 times