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Can unarmed people still change the world?

Can everyday people change the world?...

Regions: Iran, Myanmar

Issues: Other

Witnessed: 4492 times



"Don't just depend on the courage and intrepidity of others. Each and every one of you must make sacrifices to become a hero possessed of courage and intrepidity....

Regions: Myanmar

Issues: Crimes against humanity, Impunity, International criminal court

Witnessed: 3000 times


Graffiti Campaign and Burmese Solidarity

George Washington University students held a Chalk- Graffiti Campaign to reflect the struggles and despair of Burma's youth. They said they held this protest to stay united with the people of Burma....

Regions: Myanmar

Issues: Freedom of opinion & expression

Witnessed: 2208 times


Impact of Youtube in Burma

Youtube has caught the attention of the international community, and non profit organizations, like the US Campaign for Burma use Youtube to attract people to support the democracy movement in Burma, ...

Regions: Myanmar

Issues: Detention, Education, Human rights defenders

Witnessed: 3070 times


Burma Awareness Week

Burma Awareness Week at Goucher College in Baltimore, Maryland

Regions: Myanmar

Issues: Crimes against humanity, Freedom of opinion & expression, Minorities

Witnessed: 2446 times


The Best Friend Relocation and Education Project

Please help us relocate the people living in the rubbish dump of Mae Sot, Thailand to a clean and safe home. Video by Jeffrey Hellman

Regions: Myanmar, Thailand

Issues: Education, Poverty, Refugees

Witnessed: 2889 times