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Can unarmed people still change the world?

Can everyday people change the world?...

Regions: Iran, Myanmar

Issues: Other

Witnessed: 4494 times


After the troops have gone: What now for Iraq?

After seven years, billions of dollars, as many as 100,000 civilian deaths and more than 4,000 US troops killed - President Barack Obama is finally pulling US troops out of Iraq....

Regions: Iraq

Issues: Armed conflict

Witnessed: 3915 times


Gideon Levy in conversation with Jon Snow

On route to Edinburgh Literary Festival Gideon Levy will be joining us at the Frontline Club in conversation with Channel 4 News presenter Jon Snow....

Regions: Israel, Palestine

Issues: Armed conflict, Humanitarian

Witnessed: 4182 times


Focus on Iran: Detainment and conviction

Iran recently announced that Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani would not be put to death by stoning. But the fate of the Iranian woman accused of adultery remains uncertain. ...

Regions: Iran

Issues: Human rights defenders, Prisons

Witnessed: 2677 times


KIDNAPPED IN IRAQ - Free the US Hostages

Free the Hostages is an appeal to the US & Iranian governments to free the US 3 hostages held in Evin Prison since 2009....

Regions: Iran

Issues: Crimes against humanity, Human rights defenders

Witnessed: 2719 times


The Real Hikers - Last Night In Syria

On July 31st 2009 3 US Graduates, Sarah Shourd, Shane Bauer & Josh Fattal were on holiday in Iraqi Kurdistan when they were detained by Iranian Border guards.Iran claimed that they had hiked acr...

Regions: Iran, Syria, United States

Issues: Detention, Human rights defenders, Justice

Witnessed: 2848 times


The 3 US Hikers in Iran - Free Me: Searching for the truth

In July 2009, 3 US holidaymakers were captured by Iranian border guards whilst they were on a hiking trip in Iraqi Kurdistan.

Regions: Iran, Sudan, Syria

Issues: Human rights defenders, Justice, Prisons

Witnessed: 3021 times


Crossed Out

Crossed Out is a short film about Shahrnush Parsipur who is a well-known Iranian writer and Activist.  She has prison and exile experience and you can know more in this film.

Regions: Iran

Issues: Crimes against humanity

Witnessed: 2461 times


Global City Symphony

Global City Symphony is a three year community and urban development programme created by Big Bang Lab to implement the concept of Cultural Social Responsibility through private-public partnership in ...

Regions: India, Lebanon

Issues: Sustainable development

Witnessed: 1875 times


Dignity Overdue: Decent Work for Domestic Workers

Millions of women and girls around the world turn to domestic work in order to provide for themselves and their families....

Regions: Asia, Middle East and Caucasus

Issues: Women's rights

Witnessed: 2280 times