Countries: Kosovo – UN-Administered Territory

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James Appathurai: NATO in Afghanistan and beyond

NATO's principal spokesman and member of the alliance's senior policy board talks about the organisation's role in international affairs - especially Afghanistan, Kosovo and relations with Russia.

Regions: Afghanistan, Kosovo – UN-Administered Territory, Russia

Issues: Armed conflict

Witnessed: 2247 times


Independent Kosovo

Following its declaration of independence in February, Kosovo is now facing a long uphill struggle to take its place among the estabished European nations.

Regions: Kosovo – UN-Administered Territory

Issues: Armed conflict

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Anthony Loyd: Life of a War Journalist, as it is

Award-winning war correspondent and writer Anthony Loyd talks to Allan Little about the thrilling and brutal reality of life as a war journalist, covering conflicts in Kosovo, Sierra Leone, Afghanista...

Regions: Afghanistan, Iraq, Kosovo – UN-Administered Territory

Issues: Armed conflict, Humanitarian, Justice

Witnessed: 5215 times


Witnessed: 3001 times