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Guns for Hire - The Good, the Bad and the Unregulated

In a world of shrinking defence budgets, smaller standing armies and increased threats from terrorism, the space for freelance soldiering is growing....

Regions: Afghanistan, Iraq

Issues: Armed conflict, Humanitarian

Witnessed: 2733 times


Iraqi refugees face difficulties in US

The US state department has committed to taking in 12,000 Iraqi refugees by the end of September. ...

Regions: Iraq, United States

Issues: Housing, Internally displaced persons, Refugees

Witnessed: 3355 times


Promise of Freedom

THE PROMISE OF FREEDOM is a documentary feature that traces the intersecting stories of U.S.-affiliated Iraqi refugees and the Americans attempting to aid them....

Regions: Iraq, United States

Issues: Armed conflict, Humanitarian, Refugees

Witnessed: 2231 times


Is it time for an independent Kurdistan?

With Iraqi Kurds now almost totally independent of Baghdad, is the time right for talk of a new pan-Kurdish state or are regional autonomies the only way forward?

Regions: Iraq, Syria, Turkey

Issues: Armed conflict, Discrimination, Humanitarian

Witnessed: 3324 times


US veterans demonstrate against the Iraq war

Anti-war activists are making it clear that the Iraq war is a central issue in the US presidential elections. ...

Regions: Iraq, United States

Issues: Internally displaced persons, Refugees, War crimes

Witnessed: 2877 times


Iraq: Joseph E. Stiglitz on the Real Cost of the War

Winner of the 2001 Nobel Prize in Economics, Joseph E. Stiglitz of Columbia University is the author of The Three Trillion Dollar War: The True Cost of the Iraq Conflict....

Regions: Afghanistan, Iraq, United States

Issues: Armed conflict

Witnessed: 2418 times


Evangelicals Celebrate Another Christmas in Baghdad

BAGHDAD, IRAQ – When members of the National Evangelical Baptist Church in Baghdad celebrated Christmas at the end of 2007, they were also closing their fourth year of existence in ...

Regions: Iraq

Issues: Armed conflict, Freedom of religion & belief, Religion

Witnessed: 2738 times


World Refugee Day - Zimbabwe, South Africa and Iraq

There are 16 million refugees and 51 million internally displaced people worldwide, according to the UNHCR's latest figures [pdf].

Regions: Iraq, South Africa, Zimbabwe

Issues: Humanitarian, Internally displaced persons, Refugees

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Culture Project

A venue for acclaimed, prize-winning performance, Culture Project is also a magnet for today's best talent including Meryl Streep, Danny Glover, Mary J....

Regions: Iraq, United States

Issues: Freedom of opinion & expression, Internally displaced persons, Refugees

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Clip from Standard Operating Procedure-Janis Karpinski

A clip from Errol Morris' new documentary Standard Operating Procedure. Segment: "The Fear of the Truth - Janis Karpinski" For more information, visit:

Regions: Iraq, United States

Issues: Torture, War crimes

Witnessed: 1901 times