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Without Rights - Romani issues

A new documentary film by HCLU on the situation of Romani people in Hungary....

Regions: Hungary

Issues: Discrimination, Minorities

Witnessed: 3274 times


I’m a Roma Woman, I’m a European Woman, I’m a Woman

Data on Roma women - when statistics are collected  - stand in sharp contrast with those on Romani men and non-Romani women. Romani women live shorter than the rest of females in a country....

Regions: Eastern Europe, Europe, Hungary

Issues: Discrimination, Violence, Women's rights

Witnessed: 3433 times


Press conference in Hungary - Beyond 2008 Series #1.

The United Nations Association of Hungary organized a press conference on the International Day Against Drug Abuse, June 26, 2008....

Regions: Hungary

Issues: Drugs & human rights

Witnessed: 3303 times


Roundup: Highlights this week on the Hub

On an exciting week, here are three highlights from the Hub: ...

Regions: Hungary, Russia, Saudi Arabia

Issues: Drugs & human rights, Elections, Freedom of opinion & expression

Blog entry

Forgotten People (Excerpts)

Running Time: 1 Minute, 13 Seconds ...

Regions: Armenia, Hungary, Mexico

Issues: Mental disability rights, Physical disability

Witnessed: 4616 times


Making the Connection

The pilot phase of the Roma Information Project (RIP) was launched in January 2002. The Advocacy Project trained six Roma "eRiders" who would be able to provide ICT support to over 100 Roma.

Regions: Hungary, Romania, Serbia

Issues: Minorities, Poverty, Racial discrimination

Witnessed: 2112 times


Social workers

Transformative Arts and Human Rights Education Guide (Ba Futuru, Dili, 2006). Language(s): English. ...

Regions: Afghanistan, Africa, Albania

Issues: Children's rights, Discrimination, Health


Public Officials

Human Rights: Handbook for Parliamentarians (Manfred Nowak, Geneva, 2005). Language(s): English, French. ...

Regions: Afghanistan, Africa, Albania

Issues: Armed conflict, Children's rights, Discrimination