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Every Woman Has a Story...

...and every story can create change....

Regions: Global, Mexico, Yemen

Issues: Justice, Violence against women, Women's rights

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Video Spotlight: Intimidation and Harassment

**This post is part of an ongoing series that showcases users and videos from the Hub** ...

Regions: Global, United States

Issues: Violence, Women's rights

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IsumaTV: Indigenous community media and online activism

*This is the second post of our weekly series on Indigenous media.   ...

Regions: Global, Canada

Issues: Corporations and human rights, Discrimination, Education

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Protecting Civilians in War: Ending the Use of Cluster Munitions

Visit to read more about Human Rights Watch's work on Cluster Munitions

Regions: Global

Issues: Armed conflict, Landmines & unexploded ordnances

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More than one billion go hungry - 16 Sep 09

The number of people critically hungry in the world has reached its highest level on record, with more than one billion, or one out of six people, unable to feed themselves. ...

Regions: Global

Issues: Food & health & development, Health, Poverty

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